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American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) board certified specialists in orthopedics and trauma surgery

Matty, 5 years old. English Pointer

I went from being pretty darned scared for Matty to being very reassured that we were in the right place.

Brett BarkerBrett's Desert AdventuresScottsdale, AZ

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Extraordinary Care Unlike Anywhere

One visit and you'll understand.

We are profoundly serious about helping pets live their best lives. From the specialized equipment and procedures we use to our advanced technical and surgical skills – special attention is really the only kind we offer. It’s the combination of warmth, understanding and veterinary surgical expertise that helps your furry family member get back in action quickly.

This is Matty's knee. Our surgical camera allowed for less invasive surgery and quicker healing.

We are animal lovers.

That’s important to know.

Everything we do is based on helping furry family members get well. So much so that we guarantee our procedures. Clients trust us but not because of our guarantee, rather they trust us because of why we have it — we are the best at what we do.

We provide understandable explanations of what's involved so you you can be sure your pet will get the best care. Combining true compassion with the finest surgical techniques and there isn't a better place for getting your pet back in action. We guarantee it.

Our CommitmentThere's a guarantee?

Clockwise from top-left:
Dr. Lirtzman, Dr. Petrovsky, and Dr. Trumpatori

Be "right there" with your pet. Not available anywhere else in Arizona.


Watch your pet's procedure in real time.

We want you to be secure in your decision to have us get your pet healthy again. See what we're doing in real time throughout the entire procedure.

See How It Works

Matty is resting under a warming blanket while her knee is being fixed.

3-D Models & Surgical Planning

Patient-specific bone cutting and alignment guides

A CT scan allows surgeons to view bones and joints in 3 dimensions and has many advantages when compared to standard radiographs. A CT may also be used to create life-sized anatomic bone models, custom surgical guides and implants including bone plates or joint replacement components using 3-D printing technology.

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3D computerized planning means surgical precision!

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We are a unique brand of veterinary practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. We hope you and your furry family member never need our services, but you'll be glad you found us if you do.

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What Makes ACOSM Stand Out?

We pride ourselves on doing things differently. We insist on providing premier service to our patients and their caregivers. There's a saying, "Price is what you pay; value is what you get." At ACOSM, delivering on value is our mission.

We're proud of our experience, skill, and outcomes; it puts us in a category of one, which means you'll experience things with us not promised by any other veterinarian in AZ.

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